The paisa (Hindi: पैसा,Gujarati: પૈસા, Marathi: पैसे, Nepali/Hindi: पैसा, Urdu: پیسہ‎), poysha (Bengali: পয়সা) or baisa (Omani: بيسة) is a monetary unit in several countries. The word is also a generalised idiom for money and wealth. In India, Nepal, and Pakistan, the paisa currently equals ​1⁄100 of a rupee. In Bangladesh, the poysha equals ​1⁄100 of a Bangladeshi taka. In Oman, the baisa equals ​1⁄1000 of an Omani rial. More details

About Paisacoin
PAISACOIN is Decentralized Currency token, Its open source and easy to get and spend with peer to peer transactions. No need for banks and no control by any country’s Govt.

PAISACOIN is Asian people’s own digital currency to send, receive and shop* with peer to peer transactions. Paisacoin is supporting to micropayment system, where anyone can pay in micropayment with Paisacoin.
It’s can used to buy & sell digital goods and local market to purchase any goods via Paisacoin/Waves wallet app.

Exchange Platforms : Waves.Exchange | Nanu.Exchange | Bitshares Exchange